Friday, August 28, 2009

intians!!!! yo~

2nd day at inti!!!! Lalalalala~

Yesterday slept alone? Ya, wit an empty bed beside me, lolz! Neh, I had “someone” accompany me, hehe…who’s it??? ……………………..ta da~ *look down

I know, he is cute! XD

Refreshing morning~ a good start for me, yup, it is. ^^ am I talking to myself? Ya, im used to be, lolz! So, wads nex? 9am~~orientation activities continue of coz, “know my campus (INTIMA)”. Seniors were going to take us walk around the campus n introduce every part of it (gosh, inti does look small, bt it Is complicated inside!! Im like finding my way out of the maze!!) esp the academic block, @@, really hav to pay full attention on it. After finishing tis small trip, we had a briefing about our library facilities, rules, n all tat. Hey, I like that library!!! If gt chance, I’ll show u guys some pictures of it, it’s really nice… XD (got lif de aaa!!) like orang kampung came to town….haha, paiseh. Next? A small talk about our exam, I mean everyone’s exam, including those AUP, diploma, degree…they taught u where to get our exam schedule, n if ur exam time table had some subject clash at the same time, wad r u going to do….

After lunch, “my new life! My new support!” program turned. A talk again…by one of our lecturers~ she is sporting! I admit tat! N she looks modern than my mom! (although she is 50+ years old) haha! They called her dr.Sia, funny n funky person all the time. After this would be a briefing again, about UPO I think (nt UFO) n tat one is really short n brief!! 10 minutes…HABIS~ lol, all of us were juz laughing after she left, so as the seniors too. (coz the officer who is taking in charge of tis is a bit…hehe) oh ya, I forgot, we had a counsel session, n there’s a pair of husband n wife who are from USA volunteer to transfer to inti taking Master degree, they r the new counselor as well. They organized some games and interact wit us. Damn nice n funny, love them! ^^

Dinner dinner~ noooooooo, pei kee already leave in afternoon jz nw. Im home alone~~haha! It’s okay for me, not bad actuali, enjoy still. Jz get my dinner n packed to hostel~ but something bad happened……….i cnt connect to the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< no way!!!!!! Tried for whole night, eventually jz giv up. == nevermind, I’ll jz listen to songs n write my blog entry, sms wit my friends. =)
**anyway, thx for helping me to figure out hw to solve the connection problem tat night eventhough still failed. Arigato!!! Kamsamida!! Nandri!! Terima kasih!! Xie xie!!

**"the climb” by miley cyrus**

Yup, tat songs again, yesterday night I heard it from the window of the opposite block, it’s quite loud actuali at the late night, bt I like it! XD it’s 1am nw….im gonna hav my sleep~ gain my energy n 2mr going back to seremban~~ ^^ chaos my friends!

Im intians nw!!!!!!! ^^

Hooray~~ 1st day at inti!!!!

Well, kinda late when we arrived there, is about 2pm n by the time after I register, bla bla bla, payment tis payment tat, is already 3pm!!! >< (my activities start at 5! Lolz) actuali my mom is nervous than me, haha! Especially when checking into my room. She started mumbling…hehe..nex steps? “ Dancing” wit mr.broom n mrs.mop~ duh…==” haha! Jkjk. While waiting for our ms.pei kee here to come to my room n meet me, im still busy dealing wit my stuff! XD oh my gosh, is goin to 5pm nw!!! aiya, relax~ tak ada masalah punya.. Xp Here comes my 1st activity~ “begin your new life—my new friends?” Of coz most basically we hav to introduce ourselves 1st, stands up one by one, using microphone, n speak ENG-GE-RI-SHI~ hahaha! Whoa, almost half of it is international students!! Mainly from Indonesia and china, other countries like USA, UK, Pakistan, even dubai!!! They hav some students transfer to here but is jz a small amount and yea, they r friendly. =) Next, would be groups presentation! So fast? Haha, jz present ur group cheer n those thingzz. We were divided into 10 groups, each group approximate will hav 10 to 13 members. The student body ‘s committee guide us tat how to know each other, carry out the ice break session. Then, we chose a group leader who will leads us (oh my god, he is so like Japanese guy!), chose a country tat we want to represent it, n create a group cheer which contains the greetings of tat chosen country with their main language! Sounds challenge issit? Neh, the seniors will help us, they know varies type of language! @@ my group r choosing Frances~ haha! Bonjour~ n we hav to do some moves n of coz shout all the way!! But sadly, my group members are vry shy…T_T esp boys, they were juz quiet all the time, staying vry cool….n COLD too…== when cheer also no team spirit n semangat, all like dead fish… bt nevermind, juz get to know them only rite? Is nt the matter of winning the “cheer competition”. Lolz. 7pm ~~ activity ended, so as the cheer. XD at 1st I thought can go out wit little ex headgirl to hav dinner outside, bt zzz…’s raining!!!! >< fine, we will jz buy a fresh n nice burger (self-console XD) n go back to our rooms. After bathing, since her roommate n my roommate r nt here yet (my roommate was on holiday TT, I was looking forward to meet her), I invited her to come to my room as well, having our dinner together~ Thx to Yi Chen, we were able to connect to internet service using his ID n password. Haha! Thx a lot!!! ^^ although the 2nd day was unble to connect already…==

9pm~~me n pei kee were so boring in hostel, so we decided to hang out (yay!!out from INTI!!!!), there’s many shop lots, n tell u guys one thing, there r millions type of food!!! (jz kidding, bt the restaurants are really many) Chinese restaurant, restaurant tat sell korea dishes, western food, mamak stalls, 7 eleven…snookers pool n internet café are all everywhere too….10pm something already, time to go home~ (haiz, my home… T_T) back to hostel, n online the whole night til 1am~ hahaha! XD 2mr wad time wake up aaa??? Ehhh…….. : p

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  今天, 又回到来自己所谓的家,一个找到自己的家,一个自己以前从来没想到会接触到的地方。。。慢慢步行着梯阶,老远就听到那洪亮的声音,心律也跟着那弦乐跳着,越来越强烈。。。靠近门边时,不敢敲门进,因为里面的音乐都在澎湃着,只怕会打扰而使到那旋律中断。。。在等待。。。也在聆听。。。已有多久没听到小提琴奏出那轻快又带有一点杂音的旋律?对我来说还是充满亲切感的。。。音乐停了,我悄悄地开门进去,结果还是老样子,全部站起来请安。呵呵,不好意思,还蛮尴尬的。。。T_T member, 你们很乖~哈哈!


        狂练《月夜习武》和symphony no.40 in G minor




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各位记得 要珍惜。。。

触摸 歌手:陈伟联














飞?哪来的翅膀?== 纯粹一个象征性而已。。。我要浩浩荡荡迈向英迪学院就读了!拿九月开学的foundation in science,因为要在那里读新创办的中医课程。是有点冒险的,可是这本来是当初的目标,所以既然这里开办了,也很方便,也就决定了踏入未来的第一步。



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